The Living Matrix

The science and proof behind energy medicine. The difference between Eastern and Western concepts of medicine explained and verified. 

Part 1- Know Thyself - The illusion of Maya

Samadhi: a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. The final stage, at which union with the divine is reached. 

I highly encourage all clients to watch this 2 part series as an into to working with me. 

Samadhi Part 2 - The silence within the silence

Balancing the physical with the mental is what we all came here to do. There is no wrong or right way just be you.

Inner Words Outer Worlds Part 1 of 4

Basics for understanding the conscious connections to the micro and macro energetics of life. 

Part 2

The structure of nature known as self assembly and sacred geometry. 

Part 3

Science and Spirituality are connected. Decrease thinking and observe the world in which we live in. As the observer you will see how all things fit together. 

Part 4

We create our reality. We become what we think. As we think we are reminded to keep our thoughts positive because they become your words. Our words then become our behavior which then instills our habits and our habits create our intrinsic values which in turn increases the quality of life for you and those that come into contact with you. When people think about you or have an experience with you what is your signature and your personal trademark? These ripples in the ocean effect the collective consciousness.